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With Full Lifecycle Services

Start your web 3 trip by FavorTube

FavorTube is the first fully decentralized Web 3 platform that connects content creators, fans and users directly

Data Owned By User

Creators own their data by decentralized storage and distribution

Fully Decentralized

Payment and governance are performed on a decentralized platform

Full Life-cycle Services

Services for creators from crowdfunding to profit distribution in one platform

Enter the world of web 3!

Features benifiting all participants in FavorTube

User-owned Data
Users can take ownership of data by fully decentralized data storage, distribution and authorization
Full Life-cycle Services
Full life-cycle serivces for creator with NFT issuing and distributing profits by NFTs
DAO Governance
Content audit is proceeded by DAO, auditors are mantched and results are dealed on chain
Verifiable Business Model
stakeholders can be analyze,service costs and benifits of them can be picted and calcuated
World-wide Marketing
Fully decentralized system make anti-censorship and unblockable payment and media stream platform
Transparent Profit Distribution
Incomes of subscription are distributed among creators, FavorTube and fans.
Multiple Revenue Models
Multipl activities are performed in FavorTube, creators fans and token holders can get different profits
Owned By Everyone
Anybody over the world can participate and take a piece of the network and benifit from it
User-owned Data
Worldwide Marketing
Full Life-cycle Services
Transparent Profit Distribution
DAO Governance
Multiple Revenue Models
Verifiable Business Model
Owned By Everyone


Token $Favt connects different roles in ecosystem of FavorTube

Payment Method

Payment in different roles
Consumer to creator as subscription fee
Concreator to miner as storage fee
Consumer to miner as data traffic fee
Fans to creator as crowdfund


Get $Favt as revenues
To Creators by subscription and reward
To fans by subscription distribution
To DAO members by reward
To token holder by profit sharing


Staking to get basic power
To create channel
To create service node
To be a content auditor
To DAO member

Become a Creator

Earn multiple revenues:

Become a Fan of the Creator

Share in the creator's revenue :

Be a Token Holder

Earn multiple revenues:

Become a DAO Member

Earn different revenues:

Earn $Favt

FavorTube is a actually decentralized Web 3 application,anyone can provide services for the application to get corresponding revenue

First Full Web 3 Application


Public protocols
Create public protocols on top of FavorX Basic module
Desktop and mobile
Application of desktop and mobile direct connect into Favor P2P network
Dedicated decentralized database
A high-performance decentralized database powered by computional subchains


Defining a procedure for channel creation, management, and subscription payment


Defining a procedure for CRUD of video information, subscriptions, channels and content relationships


Defining a procedure for file uploading and reading on top of the FBM, repacked interfaces

FavorX Basic Module

Favor Network
Enhanced P2P Network with full and light node types and capability of groupcasting
Decentralized Storage
Order books are matched on subchain, with PoST and rematching to keep data integration
Decentralized Content Distribution
Ant Colony Optimization to reach commercial grade user expericence
Decentralized Authorization System
Grant access on chain and verify authorization proof with Zero-Knowledge for commercial media
Computional Subchain
High performance, low cost, specified security subchain for special computional works
Fully Decentralized
Mobile & Desktop
Open Source

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Be a resource provider

Run as a node

If you have any unused disk storage or upstream bandwidth,run as a node,earn by your disk and bandwidth

Team in Web 3

Meet the Staff

Kevin Shapiro
Kevin Shapiro

Head Of Operations

Technical Director of Cloud Storage, Youtube, Yahoo, HBO

Himran Zerhouni
Himran Zerhouni

Head of Business Development

Creating new opportunities by establishing partnerships

Steve Nash
Steve Nash

Head Of Engineering

Focused on Data Science, Cloud, and Big Data

Sadoy Krishna Das
Sadoy Krishna Das

Head Of Marketing

Rich experience in operating Southeast Asian communities

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Step into web 3 along with FavorTube

Step into web 3.

Discover FavorTube and walk into web 3 step by step


Demostrate FavorTube's decentralization

Test Phase I

Test subscription and viewing effects by airdrop

Test Phase II

Test channel subscription and content playback

Testnet III

NTFs are used for crowdfund and profits distribution

RC Testnet

Full function of FavorTube & FavorX Basic Module


Mainnet goes live

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