Leap to The Web3 World

We are endeavoring to construct a fully decentralized protocol stack: a high-performance main chain and multiple application chains for different functional types, these application chains utilize Zero Knowledge Rollup to the main chain to ensure security. Through these application chains, decentralized application services, databases, storage, and communication are implemented. On the client side, use a unified interface to access application services, file storage, and databases through the decentralized communication network.


FavorDAO is a DAO operation tool that allows each DAO to establish its own decentralized community autonomous server (CAS). In CAS, DAO builders and members can freely share content and interact with each other through chat, voice AMA live and other means. FavorDAO also offers various monetization tools, including content subscription, user tipping and e-commerce system integration. This way, DAO builders can complete a full business cycle on the FavorDAO platform.


FavorX is a decentralized communication system that allows Web3 developers to easily create and connect multiple Web3 modules. FavorX also provides high-performance data transfer functionality, making your applications faster and more stable. FavorX is the best helper for Web3 developers, as it can significantly reduce your development difficulty and workload.